Buying A Cell Phone Does Not Have To Mean Paying More Per Month!


In a move that we Solavei customers have already embraced, T-Mobile is planning on eliminating the cell phone subsidy that is included as part of every cell phone contract from all carriers.

Pay less for your mobile service, pay retail for your phone.

Cellular phones have had inflated retail pricing for years, thanks to the subsidies that carriers have included in their contracts. They force the consumer to pay more each month for their service in return for getting a rebate or huge discount on the phone – sometimes even offering the phone for free.

When Solavei started reselling T-Mobile service at a much lower price than T-Mobile was offering it, and gained momentum at an alarming rate, T-Mobile saw the light. They decided that people WERE willing to buy a phone up front if they didn’t have to have a huge contract payment each month.

If you want to see for yourself how you can eliminate your cellular bill for good, head over to and see how thousands of people each month are ditching their phone bills and earning a paycheck for it, too!