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Safety In Numbers

When you need leads for your business (who doesn’t need leads?) it is better to listen to the people who are already sucking the leads into their funnels, than to listen to the people who sell products about lead generation (without having actually done it). Leads are people who are interested enough about a particular […] Full story →

Stephen Baldwin Is Solavei

Actor, producer and radio host Stephen Baldwin discusses the benefits of Solavei and why he’s proud to be part of the company leading the way in the social commerce movement. [imaioVideo v=1]

Countdown To Finally Having Your $49 Cellular Service!

If you want to be an early adopter of the $49 Cellular Unlimited Voice, Text and Data Service – you need to pay attention to this. You Only Have Until August 22nd 11:59PM… Because, if you do not have your invitation and are not confirmed by 11:59PM on August 22nd, you will have to wait […] Full story →

Working From Daytona Beach

As the summer zooms into full swing, Yvonne and I are hanging out at Daytona Beach, all while our business is gathering leads for us, automatically. This Tuesday, on Blogging With Micheal, I will be revealing exactly how we are able to build a thriving business even while hanging out on the beach. If you […] Full story →