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Save Even More If You Act Fast!

Exciting news to share with your friends- new Solavei members get their first 3 months of unlimited mobile service for only $39/month. Hurry, offer ends Sept 3. Head over to and get signed up!

Saving Money Just Got Easier!

This picture looks an awful lot like when I was being transported to Florida after joining the witless relocation program… But I digress. My name is Bernie Dorman, and I am a professional Internet Marketing Intern… I do a lot of work for other marketers for free and get paid from my own efforts. That […] Full story →

T-Mobile CEO Posts Video Discussing MetroPCS Merger

The T-Mobile/MetroPCS deal is only minutes old and T-Mobile CEO John Legere just had a video posted to T-Mobile’s YouTube page detailing some of the finer points about the merger. [imaioVideo v=1] Read the entire text of the video: This is great news for Solavei members, because this will quickly increase the number of phones and […] Full story →