Next Big Thing Webinar

stockvault-cell-phone-calling-man109328When and Where:

> 8:00 pm EDT (New York) Sunday, Aug 12, 2012
> Topic: “On FIRE! – The Next Big Thing”

Tonight Todd Gross is hosting a very special webinar regarding a new opportunity and program that I will be able to get you in on the ground floor.

Remember to tell Todd that Yvonne and Micheal sent you there, because we want to make certain we are able to help you through the entire process! Todd explains things very thoroughly! Be ready with extra hosiery, because Todd will knock your socks off!

The possibility of making $20,000+ per month with this
program is very real due to the nature of how it’s set up…

- You don’t have to have any internet skills to succeed

- you don’t have to build web sites

- you don’t have to buy traffic


It’s not a travel program

It’s not an overpriced pill, cream, beverage, potion,
or lotion..


95% of the US needs what we will be sharing….

You are going to hear about this first tonight, then
you are going to hear about this constantly from many
of the top marketers and the news media in the months
ahead, as everything “changes”.

I’ve got more secrets revealed on the sign up page, so go
there now and sign up…

1 year)

Here’s your info:

8:00 pm EDT, 5pm PDT Sunday, Aug 5, 2012
Topic: On Fire! – The Next Big Thing

It will be a long one with lots of questions
and answers. . but well worth your time!

- Micheal & Yvonne

PS – After you register for the webinar, please request more
info to follow along with here:

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