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This picture looks an awful lot like when I was being transported to Florida after joining the witless relocation program…

But I digress.

My name is Bernie Dorman, and I am a professional Internet Marketing Intern

I do a lot of work for other marketers for free and get paid from my own efforts. That sounds a little wrong, right? I would normally agree with you, but I learn an awful lot from the people who let me do their stuff for them.

During one of these times when I was working with a very successful marketer, he told me about this new cellular service he was using. Turns out, instead of paying for his service each month, he is getting paid! I told him that sounded amazing, and that I needed a deal like that.

So here I am.

I signed up for the service, and then I got really excited. Because not only am I getting 4G service where I used to only get 3G… but I am well on the way to building a full time residual income.

How does the residual income work?

Well, Solavei™, the company that we get our service from, lets us tell others about this deal we are getting. They encourage it by giving us $20 per month for every three people who sign up for the service. They call three people using the service under one person a “trio”. It didn’t take me long to get a few trios, and then I received what they like to call a Fast Action Bonus (or FAB for short)… I like to call it a lifestyle upgrade!

When I enrolled, I was sent this really cool purple Visa™ Card… Turns out, I get any residuals on this card. So when I enrolled my first trio, I got $50 on my card. Then, when I got the next trio, they sent me $100.

I called the customer service number when I saw that $100 on my balance. “You paid me twice for that first trio!”

They calmly responded, “Mr. Dorman, when you enroll a second trio, your FAB goes up to $100 for that trio. And when you get a 3rd trio, you earn an additional $200! And the 4th trio will be worth $300 for a total FAB of $650!”

After I picked up the phone from the floor and thanked them, I got busy telling even more people about this… with that $650 I was able to buy a nicer phone, like this Samsung Galaxy Note II.516Oowwp5PL._SL500_AA300_

It was freaking incredible! Anyway, after all 4 trios were established, I started helping others build their trios, since it doesn’t do me any good to build a residual income if I don’t help anyone along the way.

So I am now helping others build their business by sharing their links on my blog posts. Why shouldn’t I? It is my mission in life to help others. So here is what you need to do right now – before the end of October…

Watch this webinar replay:

Then sign up here:

You will be automatically added into the groups of one of the people I am working with. We will be helping you grow your business, so make sure you add a comment after you have enrolled!